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- Fairy Princess Camp  (2-4 & 5-7 yr-olds)


July 13-17 

Monday through Friday, 5:30-7:00pm

                  (6:40-7:00pm on Friday – Parents’ Review)

 *  Ballet, Tap, Tumbling, Creative Movement, movies, arts & crafts, face-painting, dress-up.

 * Attire: Leotard with a skirt, tights, pink ballet shoes, tan mary-jane, side-buckle tap shoes. Bring a little snack and water.

5 days for $195 (minimum of six students)
(classes are formed according to registration, so there are no refunds)

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- Step It Up! Boot Camp  (intermediate/advanced)

July 20-23

Monday through Thursday, 6:00-7:30pm


 * Classical Ballet, Jazz and Modern/Lyrical choreography with stretching, strengthening and technique work

4 Days for $195

* The Step-It-Up Boot Camp is required for those that Audition *

Jr and Teen audition material will include what was learned in the Step-It-Up Boot camp.


- 2020/2021 Competition Company Auditions – Fri., July 24

 * Junior Company Audition – 1:00pm (7-10 yrs-old) 

 * Teen Company Audition – 2:00pm (11-18 yrs-old)

Audition fee - $20, pay cash upon arrival

Let us know if you would like a Company information packet. Send all inquiries through our Contact page.