We are at our wonderful new location:

Harvest Church Children's Center

9029 Sienna Ranch

"On With The Show!"

Our 2020 Recital was so much fun!!!

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Aliens - Tap Duet, Recital 2020
Country Flowers - Teen Ballet Company, R
Keira (Jr Co. member), Recital 2020
Jr Company Fun!, Recital 2020
Maddie & Aryana - Dancin' on Broadway, R
Miss Avery Backstage, Recital 2020
Pocket Full of Sunshine - Acrobatics, Re
Back Stage Crew Meeting, Recital 2020

Beginning at age 2 1/2

-interested in a competition company

-dancing just for fun

-or aspiring to have a professional career


CLDD ’s well-rounded curriculum offers what you need in a positive, nurturing environment to help dancers not only enjoy their classes, but achieve their personal best.


We have Non-Competitive classes and Award-Winning Competition Companies available.

CLDD ’s Company dancers have many competition and scholarship opportunities.


As a Certified Teacher of Dance Masters of America, Cynde Lomonte offers her students high-quality training and performance experiences that are available only to DMA Members. 

Dance Masters of America:

- International Dance Teacher Organization, 131 yrs old

- Certifies it's instructors by Examination

- Sets the standard for dance education and is responsible
many of today's professional dancers

- Provides a network for young dancers, offering

   them Master Classes with today's top teachers and          
   working professionals.



"I grew up in Sugar Land and Cynde Lomonte's Dance Dimensions has always been known as the place where quality dancers emerged.  As a dance & gymnast myself, I wasn't fortunate to attend this school growing up but knew girls on my drill team that did attend and the difference was clear.  Once I had a daughter and moved back to the area I knew I wanted her in this school.  It hasn't disappointed AT ALL.  My daughter has so much fun here and looks forward to going to classes weekly and grown in her self-confidence.  She's truly blossomed here.  Cynde also puts on impressive recitals for the girls each year and I'm amazed at how much these girls grow in one year's time!  Very family-oriented studio, not pretentious at all.  Stop by and check it out or email her - she is always very responsive!  - M

     CLDD is the best dance studio.  I started at age 4 through high school and now my daughter has been enrolled for 8 years.  We look forward to the recital every year.  - K


What a great dance program!  My daughter has been dancing with Cynde for 2+ years and she has loved it.  I also danced with Cynde as a child and learned so many valuable lessons I can take with me to this day!  I highly recommend Dance Dimensions.  - C

"My daughter has been going to this Dance Studio since she was 2 and is starting her 5th year this Fall.  She has received great training and has become very disciplined.  This studio focuses greatly on technique and the small details that make a great dancer.  The Recitals are also amazing and very well done"  - M


Email:  "__________ loves your class and I love your studio.  Your studio is so refreshing....Just about the dancing!!! 

Thanks for ALL YOU DO!"  - L


 Come share the 

 joy of dance!!! 

 4407 Sienna Parkway, Ste 100 

 (at the corner of Sienna Ranch

 Location easily accessible by

 LJ Parkway and Sienna Ranch,

 Fort Bend Tollway, Hwy 6 & McKeever Road 

 '20-'21 DANCE YEAR IS HERE!!! 

 Classes begin  Tuesday, AUG 18th 

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