2020-21 Competition Company Auditions – Fri., July 24 - Audition fee - $20.


Juniors – 1:00pm    

Teen     – 2:00pm 
Audition material for age 9 and older Seniors will be material that was learned in the Step-It-Up Boot camp with some other minor combinations.  Let us know if you would like a Company information packet.


Intermediate/Advanced Step-It-Up Boot Camp – July 20-23 (Mon.,-Thur.)
Monday through Thursday, 6:00-7:30pm – Classical Ballet, Jazz and Modern/Lyrical choreography with stretching, strengthening and technique work (required for July 14 auditions for age 9 and older) - $195 

                                           for a company packet (include the age of your dancer)

     Students are enrolled in regular classes.  Although being in a company is an OBLIGATION, it does not require that much more time than being in regular classes during the year for younger dancers.  If you are new in company classes and moving from our combination ballet/tap/jazz class, you will begin attending class about 1 ½ hours of mandatory classes once a week like you did before.  Older dancers with more competition experience have classes 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours, twice a week.  The dancers come to their weekly classes, may have a Fall performance, attend one required November convention the weekend before Thanksgiving, dance in 1 or 2 Christmas performances and usually go to 1 or 2 spring competitions, a company summer dance camp and a nationals, usually late June/early July . This amounts to approximately 5 weekends out of the year (some weekend events are 1 hour, some are more).  All senior company members attend the Company Summer Dance Camp (in studio) and National Competition we are doing in late June/early July.  Extra conventions are available but not required.  It is mandatory for all senior company members to attend the Summer Boot Camp in preparation for auditions and the new dance year that begins in August.


The oldest girls and the soloists are more involved, devoting as much time as they wish to extra conventions and a minimum of 5 solo competitions (with a choice for more).


            The PURPOSE of a performing/competition company is to provide more involved students the opportunities of more performance experience and competition opportunities including performing arts competitions, scholarship auditions and title competitions and master classes.  I insist that students and parents involved in these groups understand the importance of  healthy competition and proper attitudes and behavior in the competition environment.  Any poor attitude or behavior on a student or parent's part toward one of our own dancers or anyone else may result in the removal of that student from the company.  This is the only way that the competition experience will be a positive one, providing the dancers the ability to do their best.


            The PURPOSE of being in a company is to have fun and learn and appropriate behavior and effort is required to do both.  Dance should be FUN!


            An individual company is formed by audition, taking the girls that will work together and present themselves best as a group    (who looks good dancing together!!! - since that is what they will be judged on at competition******). 

We bring in judges with many years of teaching and judging experience to choose our company members.  Since it is a panel of people who have never seen our dancers before that will judge them at any given competition, we want the same “new eyes” forming the group from the audition.