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Age, experience and individual progression determine placement for older students.  A class level that is too advanced for a student is not enjoyable, can be detrimental to long-term self-esteem and does not avail maximum opportunity to learn.  If we feel that a child's class will not best serve her/his needs, we will contact you and make appropriate changes.



-2 1/2 to 4  year-olds take a 1-hour combination ballet and tap class, once a week.  This class also includes creative movement. 

-Kindergartners through 3rd graders take a minimum 1 1/2-hour combination ballet, tap and jazz class, once a week, with    additional classes available.

-Beginning age 9, students may choose what types of dance they wish to take, each type of dance being a 45-minutes class, once  a week (some of these individual classes are back-to-back). 


*Refer to the information below for class descriptions and ages.


Ballet is the basis for all dance training.  It develops poise, gracefulness, good posture and a sense of line and technique needed for all dance forms.  We draw from ballet methods with emphasis on correct technique and body placement.  We begin teaching at age 2 1/2 the correct terms, foot positions, arm positions and movements.

Beginning age:  2


Tap training develops a student's sense of rhythm, coordination and style.  Many types of styles will be covered during a child's years of training, from classical tap to "hoofin".

Beginning age:  2




Jazz offers a freedom in personal style and is very helpful to those interested in theatre dance and up-to-date dance forms to contemporary music.  We cover many styles and attitudes with our jazz.  This is also the perfect type of dance for drill team preparation.

Beginning age:  5




As students achieve leg and ankle strength and proper body placement through their ballet training, they may go "en pointes" (on the tips of their toes in hard, supportive shoes).  Proper physical development and technique must be in place to avoid possible injury.  You must have had previous ballet training, be currently enrolled in a ballet class and be approved by the director and teacher.

Beginning age:  10


Modern/Lyrical:  Using Graham and Horton exercises and technique, we cover a broad range of interpretive, abstract and lyrical dance forms.  This enhances strength, balance, self-expression and creativity in our dancers.  We will incorporate many techniques.

Beginning age:  5 (must already be enrolled in the basic ballet/tap/jazz class unless in teen classes)


Our acrobatics is the floor exercise part of gymnastics and is slightly more dance-oriented and theatrical.  It is beneficial in areas of balance, flexibility, coordination and over-all body tone and strength.  We approach acrobatics in a personal progress-oriented fashion, from beginners to advanced, with emphasis on proper execution and safety.  We begin with basic tumbling and balance work and progress to aerials with advanced students, when they are ready.

Beginning age:  5 (must already be enrolled in the basic ballet/tap/jazz class unless in teen classes)